“Great Opportunity Is Searching For You Right Now!”

Search Engine Marketing (SEM), also know as Search Engine Advertising (SEA), or Pay Per Click (PPC), has becoming the most powerful & direct form of marketing available to the businesses of today.

This highly effective form of advertising places you in front of your potential clients & customers at the very moment they express their interest for what you have! It couldn’t get more direct than that could it?!
In other words, on the Search Engines, your market is out there right now searching for you, your products & services, and even defining the location of the place where your business is located, as they type descriptive phrases, known as keywords or keyword phrases, into the ‘Search Box’.

Get in Front & Get On Top!

The best quality people searching ‘know what they want and they want it now’.
If you are not at the top of the 1st page, then you are going to get overlooked.
So at Tall Timba Consulting, we have the expertise & tools to get you at ‘the top of Google’ in front of the right people at the least possible cost.

Specialist SEARCH services include:

• Search Engine Marketing/ Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising
• Google Adwords/ Google Advertising
• Yahoo! Advertising/ Yahoo! Ambassador
• Bing Ads Advertising (NineMSN)
• Google Merchant Center/ Google Shopping
• Google Remarketing
• Google Places
• Google+ (Google Plus)
• Google+ For Business
• Google Analytics
• Call Tracking
• Attribution Tracking

No Contracts, No Risk!!

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