Tall Timba Consulting is a boutique internet marketing business that provides direct marketing solutions for clients who need to be competitive and cost efficient in the online world.
Based in Sydney Australia, Tall Timba Consulting is approaching its 7th year as one of the most innovative & experienced Search Engine Marketing agencies based in this country.

Dave Gillard - Tall Timba Consulting

Tall Timba Consulting offers campaign management services for all the online Search, Display & Social marketing & analysis platforms available; including Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Yahoo!, Facebook, LinkedIn, Bing, Omniture, YouTube & ‘whatever else is just around the corner’
Focused on Results, Reporting and Return On Investment, Dave Gillard and his specialist team at Tall Timba Consulting have experience in developing 100s of campaigns that have assisted its clients in getting ahead of their competitors, while growing market share, improving revenue & profit and looking for new opportunities.
The online world can be both fickle & brutal and which is why Tall Timba Consulting utilizes a fully flexible & transparent approach that is tailored differently to each & every client, while providing clients with information & honest feedback so the best & right decisions are always made.
“Along with tracking website submissions & purchases, the tracking of each & every call that becomes a lead, and then potentially could become a new customer, is a crucial and pretty much a non-negotiable part of our service.
We can’t manage what we can’t measure!” says Dave Gillard, business owner of Tall Timba Consulting.