“We can’t Manage what we can’t Measure!”

Dave Gillard & Tall Timba Consulting utilizes the world’s leading performance media platform, Acquisio, through which we buy, track, manage, optimize, retarget and report on online media across all channels including search, display and social media.
Dave Gillard is the only Australia based agent to have had extensive training on the Acquisio platform including specialist training at the actual Acquisio Head Office in Montreal, Cananda..

Specialist tools & services to MEASURE & analyze include:

• Australia’s No1 Call Tracking Platform with full Google Adwords & Google Analytics Integration
• Website Submission Tracking
• Website ecommerce tracking
• Google Analytics
• Google Webmaster Central
• World leading ‘State of the Art’ Reporting Platform, Acquisio.
• Attribution Tracking
• Adobe ‘Omniture’ Digital Marketing Suite – support only